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This is a monthly subscription of 5 €, without commitment, and can be cancelled at any time.
Les abonnements sont mensuels, sans engagement. You can suspend your subscription at any time.
All you have to do is go to "My account", then "Suspend my subscription".
The suspension will be effective on the anniversary date of the subscription, you will receive the videos of the month you have already paid.
The videos you have already received will be available on your account for 1 year, in "My videos".
And if you re-subscribe, you will receive the next video, as if you had never left!
You will continue to receive the videos of the month you have already paid for, until the anniversary date of the subscription. The month following the suspension of your subscription, you will no longer receive new videos but you will still be able to see the videos you have already received in "My videos" for 1 year.
Of course, if they can't read yet, they will listen to Alice or Tom explain the French culture to them. It might be easier for them if you watch the video together.
With 1 subscription, you can register up to 4 children. If you enter their email, they will receive weekly notification of a new video each week. You can receive the notification too.
Many currencies are available, i'm sure you will find yours. if not, send me a message.
I have not yet made a specific offer available for schools. But I would really like to help you. Send me your detailed request via our CONTACT page with the number of children, questions or other needs you may have.
1 video per week, every Saturday.
No, because everyone gets the same videos, in the same order. When you sign up, you get video 1, then the following Saturday video 2 and so on. If your friends register 2 months later, their first video will be the same video 1, then video 2...
Alice and Tom explain a subject about French culture (expressions, famous people, food, cultural code...). In the video you will find the voice of Alice or Tom, text with an explanation for complicated words, pictures and animations.
Every Saturday, you will receive an email to inform you that a new video is available on, by logging into your account.
No, you can watch the videos with your computer, tablet, phone ...
Youth learning site on French culture.
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