What does
“Avoir l’air commode” mean?

You have chosen to send your child to a French school so that he/she can receive a quality education and learn French,
a beautiful (and difficult!) language.

Today, your child speaks a little,
or maybe even a good level of French,
but might lack an important element: French culture.

This culture is essential to being able to integrate
easily when he/she studies or works in France.
So it's best to prepare them in advance
to avoid a culture shock!


Getting your French culture off the ground


It is not always easy to find the time and resources to learn about French culture.

“C'est quoi la France?” ("What is France?) offers a gateway to France,
fun videos covering all aspects of French culture
in a fun way with vocabulary and themes aimed to 6-12 year olds.

With these videos, your child will have a regular opportunity to cultivate his French culture.

“C’est quoi la France ?” a simple and fun way to spark his interest and develop his understanding of French culture.

How does it work?


Fun 3-minute videos with content suitable for 6-12 year olds


1 video per week,
every Saturday


Only 5 euros per month,
no commitment

Youth learning site on French culture.
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